Humans of NWA


Allie Morris, Writer


“Growing up, my brothers would always say, ‘We asked for a girl, but we got a Tael’r.’ Most people would take that as an insult. But I took it as a compliment. Doing that has taught me to be different than everybody else. It’s taught me to do what I have to do to make my life count. And I think that’s helped me grow into the person that I am. I’ve been blessed with all these great opportunities and people that I’ve met. And being B.O.S.S. Leader has only driven me more because now I’m in a position of leadership. This is a position where tons of people see me, and I always have to be on point. Always on point. I think that’s helped me grow into being the right kind of Tael’r. Not just any kind of Tael’r — the leadership kind of Tael’r. And I think that’s the Tael’r people want to see and want to remember.”