New Ride

Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

This year, McLarty Daniel teamed up with Heritage High School to present a car to one lucky student. This did not include all the students however, as it only pertained to those with perfect attendance. Students names were entered into the drawing up to eight times; one per each quarter of perfect attendance and bonus opportunities for attending Saturday events at McLarty Daniels. During SOAR on Wednesday May, 23rd, five students were drawn at random, they were then allowed to choose out of 10 keys to see which one would get the car to start. The one that made the car to start was the winner.

Freshman Andrea Gomez got the lucky key that started the car, “My initial reaction to winning the car was God is real. My family and I prayed for the car and when it started, that is when reality really hit,” Gomez said. “Achieving perfect attendance was the most difficult thing to do.”

Each morning you have to make the decision to go to school. “I encourage those who don’t attend school much to really motivate yourself to do so. It will pay off for yourself as well as your family,” said Gomez.

Andrea’s perfect attendance throughout all four quarters had allowed her prayers to be answered. This car is much more than a car, it is a trophy for her hard work that will be remembered by her family and her for the rest of her life.