Guardian Angel ( 3 Untrusting )

Kaylynn Thompson

He drives for about thirty minutes before pulling off onto a dirt road. Dust flies every where as he zooms down the road. Fear trickles into my head, but in my heart I have a feeling that he really means me no harm. He rolls to a stop and the roar of the engine grows silent. I slip off the back of the motorcycle and stretch. My shirt raises revealing the skin between the waistband of my shorts and my belly button. I shiver as a cold breeze brushes my skin. Estal slides off his vehicle and looks up at the sky longingly.

“Why’d you bring me here? You’re wasting my time,” I say, crossing my arms over my chest and glaring at him.

“You’re in danger. There’s a lot I can’t tell you at the moment, but I can say that your mom has been lying to you for a long time. She was captured by the people who work for your father,” Estal begins. Anger flares up inside of me.

“How dare you? Who do you think you are? You tell me you can help me find my mother, and then you tell me she is a liar?! You have no clue who my mother is! You don’t know who I am, and you’re wasting time that I don’t have!” I yell at him. I spin around on my heel and begin to walk away.

“I am going to find my mother. Then I am going to kill whoever took her!” I shout over my shoulder. I scan the surrounding trees. I put two fingers to my lip and whistle as loud as I possibly can. A few minutes later a beautiful Gypsy Vanner horse trots through the trees and right up to me. She has beautiful silky black coat, and her hooves are a snowy white. Her tail and mane have a have a slight wave in it; the color is as black as night. I grin and pat her haunch.

“Hey there, Thunderstorm,” I say. I grip her mane and pull myself onto her back. Two years ago when I was on a run through the woods, I saw a small foal stumbling through the trees. A vicious wild dog was chasing it. I killed the dog and brought her home. After she healed we let her back into the woods. Now every time I call she always runs to help. I look back at Estal, who is staring at me in awe. Pleased by his reaction, I return my attention to the road.

“HeYah!” I say and lightly kick my heels into her side. She rises up on her hind legs and lets out a screech before zooming back into the woods. When we get to my house I pat her mane.

“Alright girl, do your thing,” I whisper, and the horse lowers her head. She begins moving around the yard, and sniffing the ground. After a few moments, she throws her head back, huffs, and stomps her hooves. I slide off her back and crouch down next to her hind legs. A card glistens on the ground. I pick it up and glace over the information. It said;

Dark Fangs Club, workers needed!

At the bottom of the card, there was a phone number and an address listed.

“It’s a start,” I whisper to myself. I look to my horse. “You can go, but stay close,” I tell the animal. She huffs a few times and then takes off into the trees. I go into the house and rush to the computer. I create a fake resume with a fake name. I grab my phone and call the number.

“Hello?” A deep voice asks. Music pounds in the background.

“Hello, my name is Kenzie Ann. I am callin ’bout the job opening.” I say, adding the best Southern drawl as I can manage. The accent was hardly believable. There’s a pause at the other end of the line and I hold my breath waiting for a response.

“Awe yes, when can you come in Miss Ann?” He asks. I stand, confused.

“Don’t you need my resumé?” I ask, but he cuts me off quickly.

“No, no, no! That’s not necessary.”

“Okay. When would you like me to come in?” I ask.

“How about now? We are low staffed. Oh, and wear something tiny.” He says, then he hangs up. I chew on my lip, starting to rethink my sudden decision to work at a club for information. I go with a tiny black skirt, and a black crop top that barely went down to my belly button. I pull on a pair of thigh high heels and fix my hair in a messy bed head look. I wrap a chain around my waist and attach a knife to my thigh. I put a lock pick in my bra just to be safe. I step outside and whistle for Thunderstorm. She prances right up to me. I pull myself on her and tell her to take me to the school so I can grab my car.