Guardian Angel ( 2 Black haired hottie)


Kaylynn Thompson

It’s been two days since I turned 18. Two days since my mother went missing. Tomorrow is Monday. I have to go to school. Unable to avoid the impossible, I shower to wash away the dirt and the tears from a whole day of searching for my mother. I feel like I am being watched as I turn out my light and climb in bed. I make sure my sword is under my pillow before feeling comfortable enough to close my eyes and sleep.

The next morning, I dress in a pair of ripped up tights, tiny jean shorts and a BVB T-shirt. My combat boots are laced up tightly. When I get to school everyone’s abuzz with excitement. From what I am able to pick out of bits and pieces of conversations around me, we have a new student. Apparently he is supposed to be super hot. Which comes as quite the surprise to me since I have gathered that he is a Gothic like me, tattoos and everything. I sigh as I walk down the hall. When I get halfway to my locker a boy named Evan steps into my path. Evan is tall at six feet and buff like he’s on steroids.  He has muddy brown hair that hangs in clumps like he hasn’t washed it in a while and a piggish face that’s unpleasant to look at. I try to push past him but he grips hold of my arm tight enough to leave a nasty looking bruise. He is one of the only people here that come near me. But unlike Gena he only hurts. He’s the only one that I can’t fight back without getting into butt loads of trouble. He hides behind his daddy’s money like a shield. That’s why I have to be careful not to put him in the hospital or even punch him. I can’t risk taking precious time away from my search by being thrown in a jail cell. Evan slams my back against the row of lockers and sneers at me. His foul breath washes over me, and I begin to feel sick. It smelled like a skunk died fighting in his mouth.

“Rather obedient today aren’t you?” He says. His eyes are hard and cold as ice. I growl and shove against him, suddenly not having or wanting the strength to fight back. He smiles and raises his fist enjoying my submission. I squeeze my eyes shut and brace for the moment his fist connects with my jaw. The pain never comes. I open my eyes and see someone gripping Evan’s fist in their own. Evan is pushed away from me, and I am pulled against someone’s firm chest. Evan sneers.

“You have no business here newbie!” He growls his face turning red with anger. I look up to see the new guy towering over me at about six feet four inches. His hair is jet black and covers his right eye. His eyes are what had me captive. They were a brilliant shade of blue that seemed to glow. They shined like no one else’s could have. He had tattoos that snaked up his arms in dazzling designs. He pulls me slightly behind him and holds me in a protective stance.

“Anything that has to do with Celestia is my business,” He growls. Evan glares but steps away. The new boy backs away pulling me along with him. Once we get away he turns us, and he leads me in an iron grip into the parking lot. I break away from him.

“Who are you? How do you know my name?” I demand. I shake my head and close my eyes. What have I gotten myself into?

“I am Estal,” He says and then jumps on a motorcycle. “Get on.” I narrow my eyes and cross my arms stubbornly.

“I just met you, and you want me to get on your motorcycle. Do you think I am stupid? I don’t know you, therefore, I do not trust you.” I tell him. He smirks.

“Cocky one aren’t you? Get on and I will explain everything.” Is his answer.

“And if I refuse?” I challenge. He sighs somewhat annoyed.

“Then I will kidnap you.” He says.

“You think that is going to get me to go with you?” I snarl. He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.” He grumbles.

“Please just come with me I can explain everything. I can help you find your mom,” He says. This has me hesitate.

“Fine, but I need to grab a few things from my car first,” I grumble. A grin plays at the corners of his lips. I jog over to my car and reach inside. I slip a dagger in my boot, the handle blending into the material of my shoe. I grab a chain and wrap it around my waist before grabbing my jacket. I pull it on to try and hide the fact that I only came to get weapons from the floorboard of my car. When I return Estal makes a point to look at the hilt sticking out of my boot before turning around on his bike. I frown feeling slightly stupid but not enough to make me regret getting the weapons.

“Come on,” He says, his voice muffled by the helmet. I sigh and climb on the back of the motorcycle and wrap my arms around his waist. He zooms off and I hope that I made the right decision. I press my face against his muscled back, terrified that we are going to crash. Estal, of course, knows exactly what he’s doing and skillfully moves in and out of the cars.