Guardian Angel ( 1 Celestia Rose)


Kaylynn Thompson

I am a normal girl. I just turned 18 and about to graduate high school. I don’t know what I am going to do with all my free time when school ends. I guess I could get a job, but that’s going to be way too hard. My only friend at school is Gena Aveyard. She is popular, beautiful, and caring. She’s my only friend and the only one who isn’t afraid of me. I am a pretty decent fighter. I feel safe, more secure with a weapon in my hand or practicing my skills in my room or when I am in my backyard swinging my fists or blades at a tree. I am best at hand to hand combat, swords, daggers, and the bow and arrow for long distance shots. People are scared of my because in the fifth grade a boy named Shawn Green was bullying me and I got to the point where I had had enough. I punched him in the face two times and knocked him clean out. A fast pop pop and his body hit the ground like a sack of sand. Not many people dared to come near me anymore in fear I will knock them out too. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I was a “normal” girl but sure did I have a lot to handle. I was five eleven with a curvy body, skinny but tall. Most would can me willowy. My hair was long and as black as a black hole in the sky. It just fell past my shoulders and my bangs cut across my forehead and fell into my left eye. My eyes were bright emerald green, so bright green that they seemed to glow at times. My skin was lightly tanned and tattooed. On my back, I have three fully bloomed roses. The largest rose was white, red, and a fiery orange to represent my mother. The second was slightly smaller with a soft yellow, orange, and gentle pinks and reds. This one represented Gena. The last and smallest rose had a skull in the middle of it and had the colors of black, blood red, sunshine golden and a piercing violet. This one was surrounded by small skulls and set apart from the other two. It represented me. On my right shoulder I have a wolf paw print and, on my hip, I have a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon.

Another bad thing about me is that I am like a danger magnet. Everywhere I go danger seems to follow. I was always told my father left when I was still in my mother’s belly, and my mother had disappeared suddenly on my birthday. I filed a missing persons report, but they just put her at the bottom of the long list and continued pounding away at the keys. Playing a game no doubt. Not to mention all the weird things that have been happening to me since my mother disappeared. Bad things. I am constantly looking over my shoulder terrified something bad’s going to happen to me. I can swear that the shadows jump and shudder as I walk by. Now that my mother is gone and the police won’t do anything to help me find her, I am on my own. I have noticed someone or something has been fallowing me. They kept to the shadows and always far enough that I can’t quite make out who or what they are. What I didn’t know was how much my life was about to change.