A Creative Illustration of a 60s Muscle Car

Mick White

Sitting in an overgrown field, hundreds of automobiles being consumed by the relentless earth. It is summer, their paint lies fate to the scorching sun; a hill overlooks the mass of jalopies providing shade to few as the day is lost. One car stands out. Tires flat, paint chipping, windows cracked: all it wants is to be resurrected. Louvers, cracked by fallen branches, interrupt the white racing stripes that run across the length of its body. Inside the coupe has become hollow and bare. The odometer reads 200,000, its seats are ripped from overuse. Manufactured with just one, now dangling, mirror on the driver’s side; A memory encompasses the beaten down hardtop. Races through back roads put wear on the stained wood wheel. A collision ended the roadsters career; escaping from the ferocious hood, a pin hangs over the busted headlight. The steel bumper, bent into the wheel well, rusty from years of rain. You can see a shimmer across the grill that makes out a platinum steel. Faded paint that spells out “GT500” lines both side skirts. Centered between taillights, below the delicate spoiler, is a cobra. Grass grows from the uniquely positioned reverse lights, overtaken with shrubbery it is still able to be recognized as the world’s most famous muscle car. Bold inscription across the warped hood names the already recognized fastback. This is the Shelby Mustang.