Registration Idea: Tutors


Pricilla Perez , Writer

This is a class that you’ll see on the back of your registration sheet. Lonesome and few people (six exactly) take such a beneficial class, it is looking to expand next year. The class is Tutors. The name may leave you skeptical and weary, but it is one of the most enriching classes you could take. Tutors allows you to visit an elementary school Monday through Thursday for (roughly) and hour, and become a teachers aide. Mrs. Moss is the facilitator for Tutors.”The class is great for future teachers, those that want to work with kids in any way, or want to go into public service.” said Moss.

Fridays are saved to meet in Mrs. Moss’ class to discuss what you’ve done that week, and to learn teaching strategies. “We will learn how to write lessons, how to help all students learn, research best teaching strategies, provide community service to schools, and have guest speakers,” said Moss,  “[Tutors] have opportunities to go on field trips, stay a full day, and participate in class parties with you elementary schools.”

Seniors Michelle Simental, Aline Hernandez, and Jenny Arrue are three people who take the class and highly recommend it.  “I would recommend Tutors because if you are considering even a little to go into a field that involves education then Tutors can give you a view of how life will be. The teacher that you go with can influence the way you teach in the future to your own classroom. If you really love kids, I would take it as well,” said Arrue.

There is also a class that goes hand in hand with Tutors, but isn’t required, Introduction to Education. The course catalog, available here, describes the course as followed, ” [the course] will introduce them to the history and governance of education as well as to the variety of careers in education. Students will apply what they learn about child growth and development and learning styles and needs by completing projects and creating learning activities for children. Students will have the opportunity to experience the profession through field experience where they will work with a cooperating teacher and children in a classroom. This course provides a foundation to those who also want to take Elementary Tutors and may also be taken in conjunction with that course.”