Yearbook Mayhem


Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

Every year, students have the opportunity to buy a yearbook that will capture all of the best memories here at Heritage. This student led publication is fun to look back on years on from now. Have you ever thought about how the yearbook staff assembles the yearbook in eight short months?

“We plan things out and work together to make the yearbook as good as possible, even in the short time we have together.” Sarah Holcomb, the senior editor of the yearbook staff, said.  “We use things like to do lists to stay organized and rewards as incentive to do the work.” As much as the crew works together and gets the book done, it has to take a toll on the team. She said, “Stress levels get pretty high, especially for myself and Mrs. Donson because there is a lot of pressure to give out something people will like a lot.”

Kelsey Byrd, a sophomore yearbook staffer, also provided insight to the yearbook process. She said, “We get it done by starting on the first day of school. We don’t have days to waste, so we use everyday to work and get something done. We also start at the end of the year (May) so we can start on stuff for the next year.” As Kelsey continued, she said, “It is stressful because there is so much to get done in a short time, it is just a matter of being organized and working as a team in order to get it all done. While this is stressful, we all have times where we try to step back and relax.” After all this stress and work, some wonder if yearbook is even worth it, she said, “I would say that it is worth it. It is a lot of hard work and stressful at times meeting deadlines and stuff, but seeing the end result after all that work will make you feel really satisfied.”

Yearbook puts in extensive hours in order to make a collection of memories that will be meaningful to all the students here at Heritage. Decisions are made daily as students design, photograph, interview, write, caption, and more for each of the 216 pages within the book. This year’s book captures the Unwritten stories of students and staff at RHHS. Celebrate the 10 year Anniversary by purchasing your book here or pick up an order form in B102.