Working and Working out

Cameron Mathis

HHS students expressed their real feelings of juggling work and school. There are many struggles of being a working teen such as; less free time, the responsibilities that come with working and managing time.

When asked how much free time the students said they had more before they started. When asked, Rece Wilson says that he likes having a job because it keeps him out of the house but he wishes he had more time to hang out with his friends. 

Kenia Mix, another HHS student, says she has enough free time; even with being on the dance team as well as working. She says that the dance team is put first, so her work schedule is made around her dance schedule. Her one regret in working is that she has makes less money when she is at a dance competition instead of at work. 

Rece and Kenia work together and they both say that their job would be better if they could have longer shifts. For Kenia, the smaller shifts make it easier for her to do everything she needs to do for dance, and for Rece the smaller shifts let him hang out with his friends. They both say that if they worked anywhere that is larger than the retirement center they work at their work schedule wouldn’t be as lenient/flexible as it is.