Why ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas” Is an Amazing Movie

Zion Lundien

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is an animated film produced in 1993 that is based around both Halloween and Christmas, as it is a mixture and outlook onto both Holidays. 

The film follows the story of Jack Skellington, the beloved Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. During this time, he grows bored of the same annual routine that his holiday has to offer. Once stumbling across a town known as Christmas Town his outlook on what a holiday is changes.

The story itself mainly revolves around him attempting to bring Christmas traditions to his town and have his fellow townspeople attempt to steal Christmas away.

“It gives off everything a good movie should have. It shows how even when you don’t think so, love can be right in front of you,” said Heaven Beavers, a junior. ¨I absolutely adore everything about it.¨

Why is it such an amazing movie? You may be asking yourself this question. Well, for its time, the graphics and storyline were excellent, as well as the voice acting and character designs. There weren’t many animated films that were produced with the same level of skill. As it was produced in 1993, it did well and was excessively popular.

“There are few who deny that this movie is not great,

For its graphics are far known far and wide

When it comes to audiences, in the Halloween night,

You can watch it in Xmas season 2.”

BUM BUM! Alright, this movie is spectacular the stop motion is fantastic and i feel this definitely deserves a sequel. I am seriously not joking nor have a hint of irony when i say this is a cinematic MASTERPIECE. Put your hands together for TIM BURTOOOOON!!” 5/5 Stars.

“Tim Burton might not be my favorite director, but this film is absolutely wonderful. This film is like the perfect combination of both me and my sister’s favorite holidays, for my sister it’s Halloween and for me it’s Christmas and this movie brings both holidays together in such a fantastic way that even someone like me can never get enough of.” 5/5 Stars.