When Black Friday equals working, not shopping.


Kevin Noguera

Thanksgiving has passed and, with it, Black Friday. There were a lot of people buying this year, and while many were trying to fight each other to get all the items they wanted, we should try to see the workers’ points of view.

There were so many workers who had to work night shifts to see everyone buy items. Senior Johnny Rodriguez was working at Walmart and started setting up around 6:00 in the morning. “I was so tired waking up in the morning, but it was fun setting up,” he said.

And while he was working at the time, many people started coming in. “Many started going for TVs, and some were waiting and others were just rushing in.”

It seems like it wasn’t so bad, but the retail giant Best Buy was a madhouse for junior Eric┬áLopez. As soon as the doors opened, things went crazy. “As soon as the doors opened, some people had [fallen] and even just [tried] to get an item. There was pushing and shoving,” he said. And if you thought that was bad, think again, because there was more. “While they [were] trying to get laptops, someone drop[ed] a laptop and many were so in shock!” Lopez said. Just being there seemed insane.

Although Black Friday can be crazy, the people who work during really do have some patience, and they deserve our respect.