What is the DnD Club

Angel Salgado and Jenny Menendezy

What is DnD? “DnD is a Tabletop roleplaying game where it doesn’t take a lot of skill to get started. You create characters and use those characters for role playing and interacting with other people and their characters with a leader in the table called the dungeon master that takes you through scenarios. The club’s name is D20 and they play other tabletop games as well, but DnD is the main focus.” Said Deanna Reed.

 Who can join? Anybody can join D20 and at any skill level. If you have never done it but want to try it you are welcome to join and people who are already in D20 will help you learn how to play the games if you don’t already know how.

How do you play? If you are new and have never played before there will be people who are experienced that will help you create a character with character sheets, information, and have books for reference. That will help you create a character where you can be a traveling bard that has magic, special magical tools, go through different stories, and use different sided dice like a 20 sided dice to roll for perseverance or different skills as you play. It is an easy game where you can be engaged where you can make it into a long game or short game.  

When/where do you meet up? You meet up every Wednesday after school from 3:45-5:30 in room B127 and talk to Deanna Reed.