War Eagles on the Diamond


Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

Spring is here, and when Spring comes, so does War Eagle baseball. Last season the young team struggled. Come this time, they have had time to gain experience and play at a higher level.

Freshman shortstop and pitcher, Jeb Brown said, “This season, we have been really strong fielding. We have had errors in times when we needed to make a play, but we made the play most of the time. We also had good pitching and that really helped us stay in many of our games. Not to mention we had seniors perform and hit when we needed it, and this has helped us compete.”

Brown has hope for the remaining games of the season.  “We haven’t given up yet and still believe that we can win then next few games. We will definitely be playing our best and will be ready for our next opponent,” said Brown.  “I believe that in the few years to come, we will win many games. I would say that our team is made up of a lot of sophomore and freshmen. We have good talent coming up from the 8th grade, so in the next few years, we will all be older and more experienced. If we keep the same mindset, then we will achieve many wins in the years to come.”

Sophomore pitcher and second baseman, Logan Berens, said, “This season may not look good on paper, but we have been playing good baseball and have been in almost every game we have played. We have the potential to compete in against our last opponents here at the end of the season.” Berens agrees with Brown on the future of the program. “In the upcoming years, we will play at a higher level because it will give this team time to gain experience and develop even more so,” said Berens.  There is a good feeling of confidence in the baseball program.

These players believe the golden years of the baseball program here at Heritage are in front of us. Through their hard work and determination, we will see, in the years to come, how this team will develop and perform.