War Eagle Track Meet

Friday, March 29, 2019, the Heritage War Eagles hosted various teams in the first home track meet of the season.  This meet brought out the best in these War Eagle athletes.

Karli Ziem, junior, faced off in various events: 4×100, 4×200, 200 meters, 100 meters, and long jump. Prior to the meet, “I am not expecting my absolute best, but I expect that I will compete well,” said Ziem. Alongside Karli on the topic, is junior Ricky Perez competed in the 400, 4×200, and the 4×400 this Friday. “I expect to place top five,” said Perez, “because I have practiced hard and often.”

Backing up the athletes, assistant track coach Jeff Shaw added his input on the exhibition. “I think that we will do very well,” said Shaw, “especially since there are not a lot of teams attending, we have a better chance to compete.” Parallel to Karli’s thoughts, “Fayetteville is coming they are going to be hard to beat, but we will still compete hard.” Following his estimate of the track meet, “We have been working hard since January,” said Shaw. “Practice long hours, three to five-thirty, they do what we ask of them.” Furthermore, “We even have kids coming in at seven in the morning to practice,” said Shaw.

The team lived up to the hype as both the boys and the girls received second place in the meet, behind Fayetteville. Ricky Perez received top five in all of his events, just as he said he would. Karli Ziem got second in the 4×100 and first in the 4×200. As a future vision, “We are going to work as a team, and put our best foot forward to represent Heritage in the best way we can,” said Ziem.