Virtual vs In-person Schooling

Zion Lundien and Caroline Tallmadge

Virtual learning has become the norm since the pandemic began. The schooling system took a huge hit when Covid-19 arrived, and it was completely unexpected to have to transfer students to online in such a short period of time. 

Even now, virtual schooling is a typical way to learn. As we begin to settle in and adjust to the new changes, struggles and advantages have shown their place, and Heritage High School has done everything to reduce any struggle we might have as students. 

Despite the efforts taken by the school, many students aren’t aware of the characteristics of virtual learning. 

Freshman Isabelle Prince discussed questions she had about online school and misconceptions surrounding the situation. When asked what she wanted clarified, she said the time it takes to perform a day of virtual school, the difference between each method of instruction, and the personal experience of each person. 

“Personally, I think [virtual schooling would be] harder because you don’t have the ability to ask questions and it takes more time to understand the content provided. I would love to hear the opinions of other students who have experienced both methods of instruction,” Prince said. “I’m also a little confused about the differences between the two.”

Senior William Smith also shared his thoughts about adjusting to in-person school after Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) days. 

“Virtual is taken care of on your own time and it is easier to be distracted,” Smith said. “[In-person] includes actual teaching, you can ask questions and have interaction with your teachers. Online, you just have to figure it out.”

Another student, who asked to remain anonymous, is learning virtually because they are under quarantine.

The ability to learn fast and read well” is necessary to succeed at virtual learning, they said. This student was fine with being quarantined, because, “I’m always at home anyway, so it’s fun.

As the school year progresses, we tackle new obstacles but run into new opportunities, as well. In hopes for a good school year, students proceed to work their way through and the education system tries everything to ensure our safety while learning. 

What is your opinion? Which do you prefer? Virtual or In-person? Tell us in the comment section below.