Top 5 Best Christmas Movies to Watch

Yazmin Abrego

Elf is about Buddy, a human who was adopted and was accidentally transported to the North Pole. He was then raised by elves. One day he is unable to shake feelings of him not belonging there and finds out he’s human. He then travels New York to find his father (Walter Hobbs), a businessman. After finding his father, the father takes Buddy to take a DNA test, which proves they’re related. Walter then takes him in and opposes building a relationship with Buddy. 

Is Elf the best movie to watch for Christmas? “Yes it is, it’s always the first movie we watch as a family during Christmas season,” Joanna Abrego said. “It’s really funny and overall just a great movie.”



Home alone: Is about Kevin McCallister, a very bratty 8 year old, who acts out the night before a family trip to Paris. His mom then makes him sleep up in the attic alone for the night. The next morning comes and they realize they woke up late, so everyone gets up in a hurry to go to the airport and they mistakenly leave without Kevin. Kevin wakes up in an empty house and thinks his wish about having no family comes true, but he notices there are two men going around robbing his neighbors. He then realizes that his house is planned to be robbed next, so he decides that he must protect his house alone.




How the Grinch Stole Christmas: is about how the Grinch decided to steal Christmas from the merry citizens of Whoville. He is also accompanied by his dog, Max. After the Grinch comes up with a plan, he comes down from his mountaintop house and sneaks into town swiping everything Christmas related from the Whos’. The grumpy, bitter Grinch has a change of heart when he meets the bright Cindy Lou Who.






The Santa Claus: Is about a divorced Dad, Scott, who has custody of his son on Christmas Eve. The son hears a weird noise coming from outside the house, so he tells his dad and they both go outside to check it out. Scott then accidentally kills a man in a Santa suit, they magically get transported to the North Pole, where an Elf then explains that he is the new Santa. The next morning, he wakes up thinking it was a dream, but over the next couple of months he starts gaining weight and grows a white beard. 





The Polar Express: Is about a boy who wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a train, he then goes outside to check out the train. The conductor greets him, the boy is hesitant to get on, but decides to get on after all.  Once he gets on, he sees a bunch of kids wearing pajamas drinking hot chocolate. They take a very fascinating train ride to the North Pole and get dropped off to see which kid Santa will choose to give the first gift to. The boy gets lost and runs into quite a few obstacles.