Theatre I Helps with Stage Fright

Brahms Foster and Alivia Carlson

Gloria Poorman conferences with a student as they work on their end-of-semester projects.

Theatre I is more than just acting. 

It’s overcoming what most kids have: stage fright. Students act out their own scenarios in front of the whole class. The class is a judgment-free zone, with  students working together, helping and communicating. 

They practice and perform all the time, overcoming any anxiety they have built up. 

But they do more than overcome fears. 

“In Theatre I we build more friendships,” said Jaretmy Ramirez Campos (9).

Theatre I has many fun activities like creating scenarios with teams, writing stories individually, acting in front of others, and more.

Theatre I does not have requirements and is more activity based. 

Learn more about the HHS Theatre Program and its course offerings by visiting Gloria Poorman’s classroom in B123.