The Test of Time

McKenna Clements

On Wednesday our busy high school transformed into a testing space for Sophomores and Juniors. 50 Juniors and all Sophomores took the PSAT, while the other juniors took a Practice ACT. All students felt the benefits and challenges of this provided testing time.

Kelsey Moffit, 11, one the of the 5o to take the PSAT, said, “I felt really really good about the English and Reading, but then I got to the math and didn’t feel as good about it.” Kelsey wasn’t the only one who struggled with the math portion of the PSAT. Collectively, most agreed that the math created the biggest challenge.

“The worst part is the math section, but the best part is looking at the memes afterward,” said Jazzy Trejo, 10. The PSAT memes consistently place as a favorite for test takers. Outside of the memes, Juniors were pleased with the help they received in an Eagle Period geared for the PSAT.

“I really liked that they put us in an Eagle Period so we could prepare… we filled out the [demographics] during the Eagle Period, so we could start right away on Wednesday. It all went really smoothly,” said Moffit. Those who didn’t take the PSAT got the opportunity to take a practice ACT, and they appreciated the process.

“[The practice ACT] will benefit me because it helps me prepare for the real one,” said Chase Bonwell, 11. “I did good especially on the math part. It gives me my scores immediately, I got a 21.”