The Mountains are Calling

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As spring begins approaching faster and faster, nothing is quite as enjoyable this time of year than soaking up the utter beauty of the mountains and vast collections of powdery snow in a winter wonderland. The brash image that is often times correlated with skiing is waiting in long lines, filled with bands of people waiting to share the same experience. It’s such a bummer to arrive at the mountain dressed in your best gear, with your mind filled with anticipation towards the peaceful serenity you’re about to endure, all to be shattered when you glance around the resort to find yourself immersed in an overall clutter of countless people. There’s not an escape from school or work quite like an adventurous adrenaline pumping afternoon spent under the bright blue sky with the serenity of being able to roam around the wintry mountainsides.


In attempt to reclaim this peaceful escape, ski resorts across North America are introducing a fresh unprecedented experience. A plethora of resorts have curated a remedy for the common clutter found at almost all resorts… the solution: offering the exhilarating experience of enjoying the slopes completely isolated. A little bit crazy? Maybe. One thing is for sure, the notion of complete freedom while journeying down freshly covered mountains is far more appealing than having to wait in lines. Presented below is a quick glance at a few of the American ski resorts that are introducing this immunity.


  • Powder Mountain: As one of Utah’s most notable resorts, this Ogden Valley spot offers just over 8,000 acres of snow-covered bliss. This location is a prime location for any skiers planning to attain some serenity in the mountains, and is only 30 minute drive from the Salt Lake City Airport.



  • Crested Butte: There’s nothing quite like the raw, uncut beauty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Crested Butte is a ski resort that offers more of an extreme terrain with a higher degree of isolation, which is perfect for the better-than-average skier. With beautiful scenic sights, it’s hard to not become a fan of the resort.



  • Mallard Mountain Lodge: Located in British Colombia, Mallard Mountain Lodge truly takes the idea of surreal individualism to the next level. This resort is almost exclusively designated to the pastime’s largest aficionados. Mallard Mountain Lodge presents the world with the exhilarating opportunity to be dropped on an isolated section of a mountain by none other than a helicopter. This enviable experience definitely comes at a pretty penny, but offers a revolutionary journey that is sure to send you home with some jaw-dropping stories.



As spring lingers in the crisp air, hold on to the Winter while it lasts. Any of these resorts are sure to offer a plentiful amount of serenity, among some of the most scenic views in America.

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