The Latest Logo


Deqlyn Buttrey, Editor

With August almost over, the 2019-2020 school year is well underway. Along with the introduction of the school year, came the introduction of a new look of the school, unfamiliar staff, and an altered logo. The staff intends this emblem to go far beyond a plain old H.

A major role in the change, principal Jim Davis, explained the value behind the change. “We wanted to create something that was new and refreshing because we have had some changes in our coaching staff and some major changes in our vision of what we are trying to accomplish with athletics,” said Davis.

Along with the same idea came boys soccer coach and Spanish 1 teacher Christhian Saavedra, newly hired faculty member. “I think it is to create more pride,” said Saavedra. “It really symbolizes the changes that are happening around Heritage.”

Furthering on that thought even more came 9th grade cheer coach and geometry teacher, Abby Hershenow. “The H doesn’t apply to other schools, it’s unique. I also think it looks more collegian and I think that was one of the purposes of it,” said Hershenow.

Coaches are already seeing progress with the shift in the atmosphere of their teams. “I think we feel more energy that we are capable of winning already,” said Hershenow. “They are cheering on athletes that are going to create success.”

Even with a spring sport, the soccer coach predicts this will make a statement. “[This will help my team] with pride!” said Saavedra. “It’s always a problem I have with a team is ‘Can I get players proud to be here?’ So this should help with that mission.”

The statement of the emblem found its way across all the athletic programs this campus has to offer. ┬áIn some final words, “I think a symbol tells you a lot about the pride that people have,” said Saavedra, “and seeing all those H’s around town that’s going to be pretty cool.”