The Future War Eagles


Photo taken by Wilde and Wilder Photography

Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

The topic of Heritage sports is currently focused on our varsity boys basketball team. The team currently has an overall record of  18-5, with 13 of those wins being consecutively. As much as this is receiving front page attention, the freshman War Eagles are ready to continue the tradition. The boys freshman basketball team has faced various schools since their season opener back in November. While their record is questionable at 8-13, the team has vast potential as they head into post season play.

Myers Burch, a starting guard for the team, has been a contributing factor in the team’s growth so far this season. After looking back on the team’s record this season,  “I think our record should be much better because we have much more potential than our record shows.” said Burch.

When thinking about the freshman team, Burch said, “our team chemistry is really good and I feel like we are about to break through.” I can vouch for that. I am the other guard starting alongside Burch in the back court, I know the caliber of the team we have. We strive to have team success this year with a good conference record and even maybe a trophy at the conclusion of this season. However, whether this team will win a championship this year, the team does have good chemistry and we will continue to grow throughout our four years at this school. We are still young, and as we grow, we will improve as a team. Who knows, this team might be better than the varsity team when the time comes. Until then however, we will just keep our focus on getting the best record in conference this year.