The Disaster of Hurricane Ian

A tragic day for those who live on the southeastern side of the United States

Joseph Montondo

On September 28th, 2022, a disastrous hurricane, notorious as Hurricane Ian, struck as a category 4 storm, making it one of the worst hurricanes seen on this planet.

The hurricane struck so hard that over 202,000 citizens in Florida are still without power along with the entire island of Cuba losing power. Even after the weeks of preparation these few states had, it wasn’t enough to protect them against Ian. The storm was so big it lasted 2 days starting on the 28th and ending on the 30th, the deaths were even more tragic.

 Ian tragically ended the lives of at least 101 people ranging from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and a few in Cuba. Hurricane Ian is no joke, it destroyed a total of 5,683 different buildings. More than 300 million US dollars worth of damage, many people taken away from their families, and tons of rescuers looking for surviving citizens for days.

Although Hurricane Ian was a very deadly storm, being a category 4, it still is nowhere near the disastrous category 5, Hurricane Katrina, with a total of 1,833 deaths which is 18 times the deaths of Ian.

The places struck by Hurricane Ian are in critical debt and are in desperate need of a helping hand. After the storm, many popular stores started raising extra money in order to donate it to those who were harmed by Ian.

Even though it was a horrible storm, it isn’t even in the top 5 that struck the US, but Hurricane Ian will no doubt go down in history as one of the worst Hurricanes ever.

If you would like to donate and help the people in need copy and paste the link here to extend a helping hand: