Students Sound Off About Returning After the Holidays

Mariah Jamison

Coming back to school after the two-week holiday break is already enough of a hassle for the students and teachers. This year was even more stressful, considering there’s a worldwide pandemic. The risk level, and the amount of cases of Covid-19 is likely to increase, especially after we know almost everyone was out traveling and gathering in big groups for family events. Since we’ve been back in school, I have had the chance to interview a few students and talk to them about their perspective on the topic. 

How did you feel about the transition back to school, after the two-week holiday break during a pandemic? 

  • “ I did not want to come back, mostly because my sleep schedule was messed up and I wanted some extra rest but also because coming back after everyone was  out and around a lot of people is scary,” Wright said. 
  • “It was interesting, due to many students being quarantined and many people having Covid itself. I was a little skeptical about coming back  because I do not want to end up getting sick or being quarantined,” Harrier said. 
  • “Honestly I felt very unsafe at first, and started to become more and more scared about the chance of me being quarantined but after a while I started to calm down and realized it was going to be okay,” Hill said. 

Overall the main idea I got from interviewing some students was they were nervous. They were nervous to come back because they know most people were out not paying attention to the restrictions and rules they should have been following due to Covid-19, which makes it hard to come back because no one wants to get sick.