Students Share Misconceptions About High School

Zion Lundien

Misconceptions are plentiful in high school. Heritage High students discussed their own misunderstandings from the bell schedule to rumors. 

Freshman Rylee Callahan shared about being a newcomer to HHS.

“I expected the school to be bigger – much, much bigger,” she said. 

Another thing that Callahan was confused by was “the timing between classes; I thought it was three minutes, but it’s five.”

Marcus Meis, a junior, provided his insight to underclassmen. He thought they should be warned about “the amount of walking between classes” and that “people might think it’s exciting but days can be slow.” 

When entering a new environment, such as high school, it is perfectly common to get something incorrect. Being a high school student can be much different than what you might have been told, as the experience depends mainly on choice by the individual.