Two-Week Remote Learning Option Is Unpopular

Claire Harrod

In October, Rogers Public Schools announced a district-wide two-week remote learning option that students could apply to participate in. Despite the proposal, many HHS students have continued to choose to remain in school for a variety of reasons.

Numerous students were interviewed to get their standing on the option to enroll in a two-week virtual learning experience. 

There was a common consensus that many would not take the two-week remote option for various reasons. Freshman Tristan Duncan said, “I like the option for it, but I feel like people need to be in school with their teachers.”

Duncan declined the two-week option “because I’m in sports.” 

As a member of the tennis team, I understand her reasoning to stay in person. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to take the break. I don’t enjoy learning online, and I feel I don’t perform as well.

Virtual learning during quarantine caused my attitude towards school work to waver. I didn’t enjoy any of the material, and I viewed school as a burden. I also had numerous things to balance outside of school that made it hard for me to keep up with my work. I believe that having a structured schedule is crucial to my success in school.