Students and staff honor veterans


On Veteran’s day, November 11, 2015, the staff and students at Rogers Heritage High School honored both those who have served in the military as well as those students who have decided to join the military after they graduate from high school.  The students recognized were:

Katelyn Klaassen – Marines
Chandler Thrush – Army
Misty Bailey – Army National Guard
Evelyn Juarez –Army National Guard
Adam Smith – Army National Guard
George Brandt – Army
Juniel Kim – Army
Christian Davis – Army
Danny Walter Ward – Army National Guard
Tristan Spencer – Navy
Jeremy Irvin – Navy
Cannon Strickland – Navy
Skylar Winchester Air Force
Ian Evans – Air Force
Corbin Anderson Air Force
Edna Armer  Air National Guard.
Ben Martin Air National Guard
Kelvin Calderon – Air National Guard
Leslie Jimenez – Air National Guard
William Glass (branch not listed) and Evan Harrison (branch not listed)

We at The Talon would like to thank all of our veterans, past and future, for their service.  We would also like to thank the Broadcasting class under the direction of Mrs. Beeson for videoing the assembly.