Student Spotlight: Yanisbeth Sanchez


Kiera Mahmens

Starting the season strong with four consecutive wins, including the first conference win against Springdale, the Lady War Eagles Volleyball team leans on senior leaders. Yanisbeth Sanchez, senior, plays middle blocker as a starter on the varsity volleyball team. Sanchez highly values her personal goals. “I would like to hit positively in every category I do, and I want to be positive against everyone,” said Sanchez.

Each member of the volleyball team adds a vital aspect to the overall performance. “Yanisbeth has definitely improved from freshman year to now, she is very disciplined and learned how to control herself on the court,” said Kennelley Loyer, senior defensive specialist. “Mentally, if she makes a mistake she moves passed it and tries to get a kill, and this season she is one of our most consistent hitters.” 

Balance is a requirement for every student but more so for student athletes. “….finishing work during class, and after my first hour I have an hour between my second hour, and I do my work then,” said Sanchez. 

After four years on the volleyball team, Sanchez noticed several changes in the athletes attitudes. “This season everyone is more dedicated,” said Sanchez. “[We want] to go to state for sure, and work as a team.” 

As the volleyball season comes to an end, Sanchez already looks forward to her next season of life. “I want to go to the University of Central Arkansas to get my basics and going to try to become a Physician’s Assistant,” Sanchez said. “If that doesn’t work I’m going to be a Registered Nurse.”