Student Council Tedious School Dance Planning


Pricilla Perez, Writer

You can often expect to walk on the tip of your toes, carefully keeping an eye out, making sure you don’t mess up important projects in the B-Hallway. You know the time for another school dance is approaching when Student Council (Stuco) starts designing and making backdrops. They provides our themes and set-ups for all dances, excluding LULAC sponsored dances and prom. This group puts in hard work and dedication to provide Heritage with creative fun packed themes. All of their set-ups are created by hand, and Student Council has never put an unfinished backdrop.

Mrs. Elenbarger is the teacher who sponsors Student Council. “We do have committees that work in Stuco to plan and organize all of the activities.” said Elenbarger.

These committees and leaders include: T- shirt and Spirit- Emily Sanchez, Court- Lucas Gibson, Dance- Daniela Jimenez, and Assembly- Julissa Guadarama.  To finish backdrops that go in the gym, they work in class, two Saturdays, and the morning of the assembly.  Despite finishing backdrops, Mrs. Elenbarger said, “(They have had to become) creative with finding the time.” It takes four hours to finish setting up the gym, and five hours to set up for the dance.

Stuco usually arrives at 9 in the morning to set up for the dance, and with direction of the dance committee to complete it. Senior, and leader of the dance committee, Daniela Jimenez said, “Our committee is to decorate the dances and do centerpieces. We also do wall designs and ticket designs, as well as making the schedule for shifts of the dances.”

There are approximately eight people in the dance committee. To get her ideas across for the dance, Jimenez said, “The day of the dance we tell everyone of our plans and they help us set up.” It takes them five hours to set up. Two other committees that are a part of the process are assembly and t-shirt/spirit. The assembly committee comes up with the backdrop, while the other committee designs a t-shirt and makes posters detailing the spirit week days.