Spike after Spike

Spike after Spike

Albrey Haley, Victor Castellanos, and Ashlyn Garrett

The girl’s junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams already overcame many challenges this year, including injuries and executions on the court. This gives them the ability to successfully bond and grow closer together, allowing them to work together as a team.

“Our season has been good so far. We’ve really been focusing on communication and coming together as a team when it comes to putting our heart and our souls out on the court and giving it everything we have,” said Alex Siwiec, 10. The bond between the team has been the strongest one yet, however leading them to face some consequences.

“We’ve really struggled with winning our games and prioritizing our time spent practicing. I think we are more teamwork oriented this year, but there’s also a lack of trust on the court, resulting in inconsistency in our games and even in our practices, said Brittney Ware, 12. The team’s goal for this season is to make it to the state competition and to establish a balance between focusing on team work, team bonding, and developing new skill sets.

“Our court presence definitely needs to improve if we’re going to make it to state. We need to work on finishing the games strong and trusting each other’s ability on and off of the court,” said Kayley McClain, 12. “Making it to state would mean a lot to us, and I know that we can get there if we continue to develop a stronger execution style.” Both teams, working tremendously hard, will continue to overcome the injuries and other issues regarding their performance for the rest of the season.