Snubbed at Colors Day


Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

Heritage recently hosted their annual Colors Day Court assembly. This assembly is dedicated to the 20 students, elected by vote of the student body, who represent their grade level as they walk on court. While representation is the sole purpose of the assembly, the second part, the pep rally, is what really excites students for the Color’s Day basketball game. The pep rally is fun for all grades with confetti, streamers, balloons, cheers, and any other things the students of that grade can get together to do in order to win the spirit stick. It is a tradition that the grade that is most hyped wins the competition of getting the spirit stick. There is normally always controversy between grades over who should have won, but this pep rally seemed to upset the majority of the people. It may seem like an insignificant topic, but the Heritage competitive spirit seemed to get the best of everyone this past pep rally.

Sarah Holcomb, a senior, had some thoughts on this argument. To start off, she thought that the pep rallies could be improved, “I think we could have more student involvement. Also, if people would stick to the themes that would help too,” said Holcomb. These ideas might make the pep rallies more enjoyable for everyone involved.

She also shared her opinion on her thoughts of who should have won, “I don’t think the seniors should have won because the freshman brought a bunch of confetti and powder and we just threw jackets in the air. It was lame,” said Holcomb.

Sarah was not the only student to provide input on the topic. Bertha Villagomez is also a senior that had something to say in regards to the pep rally. When brainstorming of ideas to make pep rallies better, “I think that kids should not be allowed to sit up top. I also think that the people that set up pep rallies should try to let us in about the themes of the pep rallies,” said Villagomez.

Sarah and Bert both think that student involvement is a big part in the improvement of pep rallies. In regards to the winner of the pep rally, “Seniors should not have won because they weren’t near as hyped as some of the other grades,” said Villagomez. This is something both Sarah and Bertha agreed on.

The advice that the students gave will hopefully be taken in by both the students and the faculty. Pep rallies should be competitive and their should be a winner, but when the students of the winning grade are saying that they should not have won, there is something wrong. Although we argue about the winner, pep rallies should bring our school together as a whole and support why we are having the assembly. That is something we can improve together for the years to come.