Senior Rebellion

Kallina Sims, Writer

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There seems to be a trending opinion among most students at Heritage. We don’t have enough fun. While seniors have the most allowance for fun of any other grade, it still isn’t enough for our wild student body. We know Heritage is no Hollywood Arts from Nickelodeon’s Victorious, but we do have what has previously been described as the “Most Spirited Student Section in the 7A West”. Why would we not want to extend that spirit from the student section all the way to our daily school life? Heritage has plenty of space to promote student creativity, individuality, and spirit.

Heritage seniors are starting what can only be described as a small, teeny-tiny rebellion against Heritage Administration on Twitter. Their goal is to spread opportunity for expression. They aren’t asking for what is obviously too much.

Some students have already expressed that they feel their spirit is limited in the pep rally setting. The rebellion isn’t asking for weekly pep rallies. They aren’t even asking for less limitations at pep rallies (they understand rules are put in place for safety). The rebellion just wants to decorate their lockers inside and out, paint the parking spaces which has been successful at other high schools (including the Arkansas Arts Academy that is just down the street), and add some murals to the grey panted halls because they are so boring. Seniors also want to be able to decorate their graduation caps.

Students don’t know who to go to with these complaints, but they feel that having the option to further express themselves would be beneficial. They are understanding that if permission were granted, their additions would have to be within school-appropriate guidelines, and would accept punishment for broken guidelines. Perhaps they can begin with just one class and extend the privilege to younger grades if it goes well. There are no known plans of how they’ll rebel in the event that their ideas aren’t considered.

Art Club has already been allowed permission and begun making plans to paint a mural in the far corner of D hall, but that is unrelated to the rebellion.

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