Round of Sixteen

Erik Morales and Daniella Portal


The group stages are coming to an end. Teams getting eliminated and going back home. Tears, upsets, anger, and disappointments.


The Elimination round includes 16 teams and whoever loses one of their matches are officially out of the world cup.

 The round of 16 includes Netherlands, USA, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Croatia, Brazil, England, Senegal, France, Poland, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland.


These teams worked so hard to qualify for the next round. Many of the fans back home are hoping and praying that they bring the trophy back. 


I predict that Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, France, Spain, England Senegal makes it out the round of 16 and make it to the quarter finals. 


 “ These rounds of 16 games are gonna be intense and so upsetting, I can’t wait”  Daniel Reyes, senior, says.


Get ready to catch the first few of the round of 16 games on Friday, December 3rd at 9:00 am in the morning.