Riverdale Recap

Riverdale Recap

Zoe Shepherd, Author

The popular Netflix series Riverdale is watched by teens around the world. The show gives the feeling of suspense and excitement,  and the new seasons are hard to wait for.

The show’s main characters, Betty, Veronica, and Archie, are all involved in a love triangle in the very beginning of the show, but it is later sorted out. “Archie’s decisions in the show really surprise me,” said Kellie Gurwell. “My favorite character is Jughead.” Betty and Archie have been best friends for years, and Betty starts to get feelings of love for him. At this time, Veronica comes into town. Archie sees her and has a crush on her right away, so he peruses talking to her and gets closer. While they get closer, Veronica and Betty become friends.

The latest season of Riverdale ends with Archie getting into some trouble. Many of the fans felt the suspense and can’t wait to see what happens. “This is crazy. He could be put in jail,” said Kegahn Aguilar. “Archie is my favorite, but his choices are irritating.” The main suspected cause for his arrest is Veronica’s father. Archie made him mad, so her father tells the cops Archie’s secrets to get revenge.

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The third season of Riverdale will be on Netflix soon, and many people are anticipating the new plot.