Rivals on the Court


Deqlyn Buttrey, Editor

With the War Eagles hitting the middle of the conference season, it is time for a cross-town rivalry! Our basketball teams will face the Rogers Mountaineers, Friday, January 25th at our very own campus. A starter, as well as a coach, stepped up to give input on the upcoming spectacle.

Sophomore, Kyle Ingram, is the go-to center for the War Eagles. With tip-off at 7:30 p.m., preparation is essential. “Before the game, I will ice my legs, listen to music, relax, and begin to get focused,” said Ingram. The athletes are not the only ones that are investing in this game.

Assistant varsity coach and JV coach, Kyle Moix, threw his hat in the ring as well. Consistency seems to be the game plan for tomorrow night. “There is nothing different from tomorrow night than any other game,” said Moix. “We are not concerned about other people, it’s about what we do!” A reoccurring theme among the team as a whole, Ingram said, “The team’s mindset going into tomorrow is to focus on our game so we will win.” Although this game is hyped up because it is a rival, there is more to the story than that.

Heritage holds a 2-4 conference record while Rogers holds a 4-2 record. With that in the air, Ingram said, “This is a big game. We need to win 5 games to go to state and with a win here, that would put us only two wins away.” In a different mindset, Moix said, “We want us to think one game at a time, train, win, repeat.”

This game is projected to bring the Rogers community pride out in good fashion. With one last word of confidence, Moix said, “We don’t have to play them, they have to play us!”