Peer Tutoring


Have you ever had one of those days where you forget to complete an assignment, or you really don’t understand how to do your work? Heritage High School is offering peer tutoring, which serves as an opportunity to learn more and take on more responsibility, and above all, turn things in on time.

Peer tutoring is every Thursday morning, starting at 8:10, in the classroom seating area.

So what exactly is peer tutoring? If you’re struggling with math, reading, writing, etc., you can visit the library and work quietly with other students on assignments. The most important thing to do is to turn things in, and it’s a way to get your work done before school. And don’t worry about getting distracted; no phones allowed, and there’s an emphasis on staying focused and on task.

“It is very helpful because every day I come here, I get better at math,” said junior Levi Oxford. “I learn a lot better here because they go step-by-step and show me exactly how to do it.”

Alex Carranza, junior, attended a peer tutoring session to work on his history worksheet, and since then, he hasn’t stopped going.”Ever since I came here, I have been learning a lot better. So far, I have been here twice a day,” Carranza said.

Joshua Epps, junior, also attended peer tutoring sessions. “Mostly, I believe that this is really a good place to study and learn a lot better,” said Epps.

You can attend peer tutoring sessions before or after school, and it’s a great way to complete pesky assignments on time and even get some help on difficult worksheets.