No Hype at Heritage


The empty gym after the cancellation of the pep rally

Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

As we all know, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida recently endured a tragic school shooting. This will mark the 18th incident in America so far this year. With this many episodes of violence, the country is on edge. On February 16th, Heritage was supposed to hold a pep rally celebrating the start to spring sports. However, this event was abruptly canceled as a student threatened to open fire if the assembly took place. This terminated the positive, energetic vibe that this school always carries around.

After the word of the threat spread through the school, hundreds of students got checked out. One of these students was freshman Grant Holland. “I think that the threats Friday were scary and they shouldn’t happen,” Holland said, “they made me feel less safe at school.” This lack of safety is not good for any student attending Heritage, especially in a time like this.

Some thought that the pep rally should not have been cancelled, and that the threat was just a rumor. A phone call went out to parents explaining that there were only unsubstantiated rumors of a threat, not an actual threat, that our pep rally was canceled for the safety of the students and staff as a precaution, and that security will be temporarily increased on campus.

Erica Reaser is a BOSS leader and she provided input on the debate.  “I think the pep rally should have been cancelled, especially with everything that has been going on in Florida recently. It is not a big deal to cancel it as we can always reschedule it,” said Reaser. “Everybody was scared. I was in my fifth hour and a table dropped in another classroom, but at the time everyone thought it was a gunshot.” This paranoia was contagious around the school that Friday.

The security of the students is the top priority here at Heritage, and the shutdown of the pep rally was a safety protocol to keep everyone safe. These threats are not a joke, especially at a time like now, where there are already 18 school shootings in the first two months of 2018. We should trust that we are safe at school, but let’s all be mindful of these issues not only here, but across the country.

Also be aware of the possible warning signs of a potentially violent person on campus. Follow the safety rules and precautions outlined while on campus. Never be afraid to ask a staff member for help if you are afraid there is a violet person present. If you yourself are having thoughts of acting out violently and publicly, please seek help immediately.