New Years Resolutions

Angel Salgado

What a good year for a restart. Am I right or am I right?

It’s that time of year again to make new year resolutions for next year. Although there are many goals for people to complete, many people will not be able to commit to their promises but there is a chance.

It entirely depends on what kind you choose, such as eating healthier, saving/not wasting as much money, and doing more exercise. What are some New Year Resolutions at Heritage?  

“My New Year Resolution would be to eat better foods and try new foods.” said Najm Burriss (12).

Another goal for next year is “What I want is to be able to eat less chips because I eat way too many and they are the spicy ones too.” Alex Cruz (12).

What it seems to be coming down to is food or certain foods and that’s good. If you have the chance to change that would be awesome and I hope you can finish your resolutions if you decide to follow through.