Lunch at HHS

Jordan Fitzpatrick

Lunchtime may be social for some, but it is also uncomfortable and discouraging for others.

During both lunches at Heritage there are a lot of kids sitting on the floors due to no tables open for kids to sit at. There are also kids that don’t eat lunch because of the long lines when waiting to get their food and it takes up half of the lunch or their whole lunch, so students don’t get a lot of time to eat or don’t get lunch at all due to the lines being long.

Guadalupe Garcia says, “I don’t think it’s fair that some students don’t get to eat lunch because there’s not enough time and that they have to sit on the floor because there’s not enough tables.”

Some ways that we can fix this is adding another lunch or getting more tables and making room in the cafeteria for them. Teachers can also supervise the lines so that the students can get in and out of the lunch area faster. They could also get more teachers to work at the computer’s numbers because most of the time there’s only like two or three teachers that are in the cafeteria doing the lunch number codes. Having a third lunch would mean adjusting the school’s schedule but it wouldn’t affect it if they adjusted the schedule in a good way.