Leadership Check


Deqlyn Buttrey, Editor

With the fourth learning cycle now underway, the end of the first semester under Principal Davis is near. On Wednesday, November 14, Journalism I practiced their interviewing skills by hosting a press conference for Heritage’s principal. There, Principal Davis reflected on the past semester and provided insight on future installations he might put into effect.

Principal Davis’ track record is outstanding. He achieved unparalleled amounts of success in Arizona, so what made him want to come to Northwest Arkansas? “It sounds crazy, but the current reality of the school attracted me here,” said Davis. “I like turning things around, and I knew it was no secret coming into Heritage that there were things needed to be fixed.”

Truth be told, success is thin in Heritage’s past. “Perspective of success is, ‘Do we have evidence that we are improving?'” said Davis. “There are two types of schools: a school that improves and a school that gets worse.”

Principal Davis has given Heritage much-needed maintenance this year. “I do believe [students and teachers] are happier and more engaged,” he said. “Attendance has improved tremendously. The perception of the school in the community has also improved.” To summarize the good signs, “The culture of the school has [developed] drastically,” Davis said.

However, just like the government, power needs to always be in check. For the high school, student leadership plays a large role. “I don’t know [how to increase student leadership], and that is my number one concern,” said Davis. “I tell the teachers all the time that it is the student’s school, not ours.”

The aspirations for this year are few and far. “I plan to host a future freshman night where ALL classes and athletics can be offered,” said Davis. “I also plan to improve spirit week participation.” In regards to the latter, “I want you to graduate, and be proud of where you went to school,” said Davis. “I want this to be the best high school experience it can possibly be.”

The principal seems pleased with where the school is heading. “Culture is a big thing for me as it should be for this school. That is the way we will be successful,” said Davis.