Lady War Eagle Soccer


Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

Spring has been a busy time full of testing, new hires, and sports. Girls’ soccer is one of the sports that have been competing for the past couple of months through a tough 7-A West Conference.

Monday, April 16th, RHHS played Springdale in a make-up game due to rain on April 13th. Soccer plays in the rain, sleet, and even frigid temperatures, however, if lightening is visible the game is delayed. Freshman, Rachel Grom, scored three total goals in the JV and Varsity games to boost the Lady War Eagles into victory over the Bulldogs. “The season so far has been great. We’ve started out strong and that’s setting us on track for the rest of the season to be really good and make it to conference,” said Grom.  “This team is really different because we have a team full of really amazing players, and we all want to win for ourselves as well for the team.”

As the team begins the second half of the season. “I feel like we will do really well at the end of the season. I think our team is prepared….if we stick to the path we’re on now, then we will take home a [championship], ” said Grom.  The up and coming ninth grader isn’t the only one who had input on the topic.

Sophomore, Pam Seiler, has contributed over 15 goals and 7 assists this season according to  “This season has been pretty good. We could be doing better, but we had some unlucky games. We are 3-5 in conference right now, and we are starting the second round of conference right now,” said Seiler. “We will qualify for state most likely, and I believe we will be able to really compete this year in state.”

Veteran defender, junior, Felicity Auxier, added to the talk about their team. “So far this season, I think the team has been working hard to come together and give their best effort to show that we are just as good as any other team in the 7A division,” said Auxier. “Compared to previous years, I think the team, as a whole, has a tighter bond and better attitudes towards each other and towards winning. At the end of the season, I think we’ll be playing the best soccer Lady War Eagles have played in a long time.”

The chemistry they all have has helped them up to this point, and will give them the advantage in state play in May. As state approaches, the Lady War Eagles will use this to show everyone what they are all about.