K-Pop Star’s Removal Riles Fans

June Do

K-Pop fans all around have incited discourse and chaos against the unfair treatment of Korean Idol, Chuu, and how her treatment by BlockBerry Creative has been unjust.


Chuu was one of the twelve members of LOONA, a South Korean music group formed by BlockBerry Creative (BBC). BlockBerry has announced the idol’s removal from the group due to accusations of abuse of trauma and using “violent language” towards staff members.


“I hate how the industry treats idols like Chuu; All of them deserve better,” – Natalie Dominguez(11)


Chuu would not be the first idol to be mistreated in the K-pop industry. Her situation was notorious due to the action of “Blacklisting”. Blacklisting is when a person’s reputation is smeared by higher powers, so their opportunities diminish since no one would want to work with them. This practice is common in the Korean music scene. It is speculated that this is what BlockBerry Creative has attempted to do.


“It was an unfair decision by BBC to remove their most loved member. Their decisions have been very suspicious by kicking her after she sued them for not paying her since her debut” Says Jaretmy Ramirez, sophomore. 


On March 29th, 2022, Chuu filed a lawsuit to BBC, and won, getting a preliminary injunction. In other words, a warning to her agency. This was caused by Chuu not being properly paid for her work in LOONA for a whole year. In December of last year, news stations noted that the legal dispute’s purpose was to suspend her contract. Therefore, this is the potential motive for the agency wanting to kick Chuu from LOONA.


Overall, Korean Pop music fans are upset with BlockBerry Creative’s decision to kick out Chuu, and at those who are  slandering the idol’s reputation by spreading false accusations. Fans hope Chuu is able to settle things with her former group, and can pursue a successful career.