Intermediate A/V Tech and Film Enhances Creativity


(L to R) Ashley Caldera (11), Yazmin Abrego (12) and Luke Beaver (12) work together to edit their video.

Nathalie Guajardo and Thania Salas

(L to R) Nathan Helies (10) and Gideon lanzarte (9) add final touches to their video.

“LIGHTS… CAMERA… ACTION!” said the students from Intermediate A/V Tech and Film.

Intermediate A/V Tech and Film is a great class for students interested in filming, editing  and playing with technology.

“I got to make new friendships while also learning new tips and tricks on editing,” said Laura Arroyo (11).

Joining the class is easy; there are no requirements and students can take the class regardless of which grade they are in. Also, there aren’t classes required to take beforehand.

Sandy Beeson gave multiple reasons to join Intermediate A/V Tech and Film including getting a Career and Technical Education  credit, which is required for graduation,, taking a “fun class to learn [how to] shoot and tech with video” and to make friends. 

“I learned strong teamwork and got to explore my creative side,” said Conner Sims (11).   

Intermediate A/V Tech and Film is a safe place to explore your creativity with new people around you. Join this class to experience it yourself!