How To Properly Tee Off

Isaac Raya, Staff

Golf requires precision and quick decisions. When mastering golf one begins by learning the art of teeing off. Chloe Chappelear, senior, takes the time to break down the delicate process.

Begin by placing the ball on a tee inside the teeing area, otherwise known as the tee-box, in order to start the hole.

First of all, when getting ready to hit a ball, you must know how to properly hold the club. First, place your non-dominant hand on the club, then place your dominant hand behind the non-dominant. Your grip should be loose but well-controlled. Grip the club tightly enough to keep it secure in your hands, but free from too much tension.

Secondly, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bent knees, toes pointed towards the golf ball. Getting a good balanced stance is important. You then want to lean forward from hips about 35 degrees.

After having good posture, start putting the weight on your back foot. Keep arms fully extended as you rotate into your back swing. When the club reaches shoulder height, slightly bend your wrist and raise the club up a little higher.

Once the club is slightly higher than shoulder height, tilt your front shoulder downward. When swinging, try to return back to starting position. Keep eyes on the ball.

Lastly, follow through with the swing with hips, hands, and body. Ending the swing with head up high, extended legs, and with front foot perpendicular to the target.