How to Cover A Receiver

Trey, Lexi, Natalie

Zone Coverage- When each person has a designated space/zone on the field that they must cover. If a man comes into your zone that’s who you focus on. Don’t leave that zone.

Step One to Zone Coverage:

Set up five yards off of the ball and a yard inside of the receiver. Keep your butt facing the side line with your eyes on the quarterback. Don’t look away from him.


Step Two to Zone Coverage:

Take a three shuffle read and make sure to stay on top of or above the receiver. Corners cover deep thirds of the field. Make sure no offense gets behind you. Defensive backs cover deep. If they run a stop route plant your foot and go get them.

Man Coverage- When your man on man defense (one on one). Only focus on the man you’re assigned to.

Step One to Man Coverage:

Set up five yards off of the ball and off of the inside shoulder of the receiver. Keep your shoulders squared to him.

Step Two to Man Coverage:

When the receiver comes off of the ball begin to back peddle backwards. As the receiver is running towards you key his hip. If staying in your back peddle is possible, do it.

Step Three to Man Coverage:

When the receiver gets to you, open up into him and throw your elbow into his waist, giving him a shove. The goal is to be physical with the receiver.

Step Four to Man Coverage:

Run with the receiver playing half a step behind him. Key the receivers eyes as you move with him. If they look up for the ball so do you. Turn and lean back into the receiver as you look  for the ball with one hand up ready to either catch or swat it down.