Homecoming Proposals Are All Around

Madi Barstow and June Do

Have you ever felt lonely?

Well, we are here to make you feel even worse. Homecoming is right around the corner and homecoming proposals are springing up everywhere.

Love is in the air. Students are taking their time to make a special poster or sign just for their significant other. Whether it’s a yes or no, an abundance of beautiful flowers and chocolates, and the iconic big signs are a way to a person’s heart.

“I’m so excited I’ve always wanted to have the typical high school experience of homecoming, and I’m in love with the theme this year,” said Tate Hernandez (10)

Homecoming’s theme this year is the “Haunted Carnival” capturing the essence of ghosts, demons and witches. Heritage teens are excited all around for the festivities of a Halloween-inspired aesthetic.

“I felt very shy but came out proud,” said Zaid Aguayo (10).

It’s very nerve-wracking to propose to your significant other, yet the result will be positive. In the end, you will end up dancing the night away.