Holiday 2020 New Music

Mary Diaz

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, music is for everyone. Here are some of the latest hits. 

One of the many hits coming out these holidays is “HOLIDAY” by Lil Nas X. “HOLIDAY” is the first single from Nas’ upcoming debut studio album and his first official release since January 2020.

Nas first teased a release of new upcoming music on Nov. 4 on Instagram with the caption “november” along with a snippet of the track, which has since been deleted.  Its Christmas themed music video was teased in a commercial during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. New Orleans Saints Sunday night Football game on Nov. 8. 


A second song coming out this holiday season is “Christmas Saves the Year” by Twenty One Pilots, which is one of their first Christmas songs yet. It was released after their Christmas themed Chipotle Challenger Series Twitch stream playing Fortnite on Dec. 8. 

The song was released at the end of the Twitch Stream in the form of the visualizer music video. Immediately following the stream, the song and visualizer video were made available on music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The song was teased as a surprise gift to the fans on Tylers’s instagram story the day prior, calling it “stocking stuffer.”