HHS Raises Money for United Way in a Teacher-Student Basketball Game

Thania Salas and Nathalie Guajardo

Heritage High School is hosting a teachers versus students basketball game on Friday, Nov. 19 to raise money for the United Way.

Raffle tickets will be sold during A and B lunch for one dollar for students who want to a chance to participate in the game, which will take place during Advisory.

All money raised will go directly to supporting the United Way and the work the organization does in Benton County

Teachers and school leaders are expecting to see a successful giving campaign. 

“I think we will raise $500,” head coach Kitty Bonsteel said. 

Friday morning before the game, ten student names will be drawn for them to participate. 

“This is also definitely to raise student involvement and excitement. I think they will have a good time going against faculty,” Bonsteel said.