HHS Orchestras Perform Virtual Halloween Concert


Concertina Orchestra students perform Enchanted Village.

Yazmin Abrego

Covid-19 has changed so much about high school, but it has had a specific impact on performance art. 

To counter this, Kari Keiser, the orchestra teacher, planned that each of the orchestras would learn a spooky, Halloween piece, record it in class, and post the video online so everyone could see. 

On September 22, each of the orchestra classes changed into their Halloween costumes, readied their instruments, and Mrs. Keiser started recording. 

To find the video of that place that sounded the best, Mrs. Keiser recorded the performance in parts and multiple times. She also took pictures of each student individually with their Halloween costumes. 

There are 3 orchestras: Concertina, Intermezzo, Sinfonia. 

Orchestra students perform while socially distanced.
Concertina Orchestra students perform Enchanted Village.

Concertina Orchestra performed Enchanted Village.

“It sounds to me -especially in the beginning- like a very ominous scene,” Mrs. Keiser said.

Intermezzo Orchestra performed Cello Rondo, which has “quite a few cello solos, both arco and pizzicato in all strings sections, and some discordant accompaniment,” Mrs. Keiser said.

Sinfonia Orchestra performed Ghost Stallion.

“It was a fantasy based on an old slave tune called Hush-a-bye.  It is said that this tune was originally sung by a slave who was taking care of the master’s child while her own was lying abandoned in the field. The lyrics are very haunting… ‘Birds and butterflies, peckin’ out his eyes… Go to sleepy little baby,’” Mrs. Keiser said.

The performance videos will be in Downtown Rogers Virtual Halloween parade, on the Heritage website, and shown during band classes.