HHS Mask Mandate Continues

Abby Wilkinson

The mask mandate at Heritage High School and the rest of the Rogers Schools District is still in effect.

Some students are okay with still having to wear a mask. Even with the vaccines for Covid-19, some students still say the mask mandate is necessary.

To some people the mask mandate is understandable and after a while they get used to having to wear a mask.

“I’m used to it now,” said Brandon Morehead, 11. 

Some students try not wear their mask while they’re at school, while other students don’t mind.

“No, I didn’t stop wearing a mask, because Covid is still a thing,” Morehead said. 

Most teachers are okay with wearing a mask. Even if they don’t like it they still wear them to protect their students.

“I mean I don’t like it, I don’t want to, but I do it so I keep my students safe,” said Joanna Kosik, a math teacher.

Teachers are still enforcing the mask rule, to keep students safe from the Coronavirus and other illnesses.

“I’m listening to what Mr. Davis and the school says, so yes I do,” Kosik said.