Hello Heritage Hoops


Pricilla Perez

Ty Olsen running out of the tunnel as the team faces the Siloam Springs Panthers.

Deqlyn Buttrey, Writer

Football season has recently come to an end with a disappointing record of 1-9. While this is unfortunate for the football players, the basketball season has finally arrived. The team will have 4 returning varsity players for the 2017-2018 season. Of those returning includes the starting point guard, Ty Olsen.

He and the team are looking forward to the upcoming season and Ty shared a little sneak peek at his thoughts.

Looking back on the past off-season, “The main thing would probably be weights. It helps when you are driving to the hoop to get a bucket. Mainly to keep up with the physicality of the game today.” Ty said.

Furthermore, when looking back on past seasons and when the teams have caught fire.

“Honestly, I believe we will start on top from the beginning of the season. We have the skill and the confidence level to go out there and dominate this season,” said Ty.

Each team has a motto to motivate each player throughout the season.

“Our motto ‘is pound the rock’. The last few years we have came up short in the state tournament, but if you continue to pound that rock then eventually it will break. It is mainly a concept of persistence.” Olsen said.

With the players’ input complete, the next in line was one of the coaches of this War Eagle basketball team.Coach Boyles shared some input on how the team prepared for the upcoming season and how that differed from the past.

“We really hit hard on our transition defense. With our four leading scorers back we were more concerned about the defensive portion of the game. This should prepare us well for a conference championship,” Coach Boyles said.

The offseason had a specific purpose that differed from last year.

“It was mainly improving the skill level for each individual player, which in turn should build the team as a whole,” said Boyles.

Responding to the same idea that Ty did when the team would start clicking,

” Looking back on the past, every team normally caught fire around the Arvest Tournament heading into conference,” Boyles said.

With both a player’s and a coach’s input on the new basketball season, only time will tell how right they are about this team and their potential.